About Akosua

Award winning wholistic health educator, Certified Hypnocounsellor,  Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapist, and author MaMa Akosua Ali-Sabree presents a guidebook that represents years of research, studying, counselling, mentoring, and living as a conscious being. Emancipating Your Spirit: A Conscious Guidebook Affirmations, Meditation, Liberty, and Other Soulful Reflections  is presented as user-friendly, easy to read tool to help educate, motivate, and inspire readers to move beyond the perceived barriers and to see, feel, and hear a different tune.

 “Through knowledge and inner standing, my collective desires in presenting this guidebook are solely to stimulate your appetite, encourage your thinking, arouse your passion, have fun, promote self-study, increase the urge to reconnect to the source, ignite appreciation of the lessons from the ancients, and to give honor to those who have taught me by passing on information that adds to your spirit soaring. The information presented can serve as a fluid road map away from confusion and not knowing into the light of inner standing. Hopefully these tools will stir forward movement into your knowing place on your consciousness journey.  This journey is not a journey to a particular destination; it is essence a journey full of life lessons.  Since all life is related, just through pure thought everything you seek is already in you.  Peace, love, joy, wisdom, good health, freedom, and abundance are part of who you truly are.  Rediscover and Enjoy.” (Excerpt- p 3)
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There are so many wonderful elements of this book it was difficult to just pick one to highlight. 
Therefore, we have chosen to share the first three affirmations  and the table of contents 
to help stimulate your desire for more!
               Emancipation Prayer

As lovers of peace, freedom, and justice,
truth seekers, revolutionaries,
caring mothers, fathers, poets, teachers,
children at heart, and moral beings
in order to grow We need light.

Just as the plants seek sunlight,
the light of truth brings, clarity, vision, 
and nourishment for the soul.

The seeds of emancipation have been sown.
It’s now time to reap the harvest
of liberty, unity, and healing.
It’s time to savor life.

We give thanks to the Infinite creator 
for the strength of our ancestors.
We give thanks for divine inspiration, 
the courage to move forward.
and the wisdom to listen.
We give thanks for our many blessings.
And so it is. 

     Daily Affirmation

It’s A Good Morning
Lessons come in all shapes and sizes, some veiled and some lessons clear and in your face.                                                 
It’s A Good Morning
Be of good spirit,
you will be victorious
as long as you move,
breathe, and think
with a loving heart.

 It’s A Good Morning
Now breathe,
take a deep breath.
Yes, it’s a good morning
you have the opportunity
          to learn
            to move
                     to grow and
     to glow.                                  

Daily Affirmation

I release the regrets of yesterday,
refuse the fears of tomorrow,
and gladly accept the peace
and blessings of today.

I simply let go and
look to the source
deep within,
take a leap of faith,
know, feel, and smile
for truly all is well.