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This book is delicious.  It is full of nurturing, cleansing, and comforting information that you will turn to again and again.  There is something here for everyone, starting with the appetizers  (daily affirmations) all the way to the dessert (Doorway to Inner Standing).  You will want to keep this book nearby. By indulging in this delightful treat you are only improving and healing yourself and the world around you.  So enjoy. Sa Netchem Am Seshmi,
Mother, Grandmother, Educator, Director of Dorman’s Fashions

I really enjoyed the thought-provoking variety of topics covered in Emancipating Your Spirit. Truly a consciousness raising guidebook that spoke to my heart and soul. A good book.Karen E Quinones Miller, 
Mother, Bestselling Novelist, Award winning Author, Publisher

How powerful you will be when there is nothing curtailing your ability to see. Emancipating Your Spirit provides an awesome and empowering “looking glass.”Ron Norwood,
         Lifestyle Consultant, Master Herbalist

With all the chaos people are experiencing, Emancipating Your Spirit is a much needed loving reminder of our divinity and conscious connection to one another. Although MaMa Akosua is speaking primarily to women, I learned a lot from this illuminating book. I recommend individuals and families striving for peace, love, good health, unity and freedom take in the wisdom offered in this book.  Rev. James N. Fripp, 
Minister, Father, CEO of Fripp & Associates 

While the title of her guidebook is Emancipating Your Spirit: A Conscious Guidebook of Affirmations, Meditation, Liberty & Other Soulful Reflections, it is really a wholistic mindbodyspirit tutorial. Akosua Ali-Sabree, an artist, licensed registered nurse, wholistic health care practitioner, talk show host, and community activist has written a workbook, and the operative word here is work (it demands active participation and goes beyond passive reading) to assist Sistahs actualize and experience personal peace, optimum health, empowerment, and fulfillment. The book’s two hundred and thirty-two pages contain thought conditioning affirmations/meditations as well as vital information about our body’s energy centers, nutrition, fasting, and ways to live purposefully, fully, healthfully and wholistically. The book is extremely well written, and it is an easy read. It is chocked full of wisdom, metaphysical information, and guideposts for living a fulfilled life from the inside out.
Akosua is a renaissance woman who inner stands that life is not a spectator sport; that life is designed to be lived from the inside out. Realizing this, she crafted a potent workbook filled with information, exercises, and assignments designed to promote cognitive cleansing, psychological reconditioning, health consciousness, emotional and spiritual maturation, self-actualization, personal transformation, and empowerment. Reading and applying the exercises contained in Emancipating Your Spirit facilitate the process of introspection, self-evaluation and transformation. The goal of the book is to enhance Sistahs’ cognitive processing, develop habits of forgiveness, healthy nutrition, personal encouragement and loving empowerment. The daily affirmations and guided soulful meditations alone are well worth the price of the guidebook.  Emancipating Your Spirit is a work/guidebook for Sistahs that will positively alter your life and health if you are willing to do the work transform your thinking, eating habits and behavior patterns. 
Emancipating Your Spirit also contains answers to frequently asked questions about Sistahs’ health issues and offers age old natural and herbal solutions to common conditions. More importantly Emancipating Your Spirit is a compassionate guide and tutor to aid Sistahs in facing and overcoming the distresses that sap their energy, deflate their enthusiasm and rob their lives of its intrinsic joy, wonder and reward. If you are seeking more out of life, if you desire fulfillment and are willing to actively promote/engage in our own evolution, purchase Emancipating Your Spirit and use it to unlock your power.
Junious Ricardo Stanton,
     Journalist, Host of Internet Radio Shows:  Positively Black & Digital Underground

MaMa Akosua in an Interview Off the Shelf
 with Densie Turney 2/19/2011

MaMa Akosua in an Interview Off the Shelf
 with Densie Turney 9/25/2010