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Dr. Akosua Ali-Sabree, affectionately called MaMa Akosua, is the director of the Amadi Wellness Connection (AWC) www.AkosuaAli-Sabree.com  and www.BeWellRelax.com  and founder of the Amadi Universal Light Mission (AULM).  MaMa Akosua is also the program director of the Annual International Locks Conference: Natural Hair, Wholistic Health & Beauty Expo www.LocksConference.com    and the co-founder of the Hair-ITAGE Society www.Hair-ITAGESociety.org  Weekly, MaMa Akosua produces and co-hosts the “Health is A Family Affair” talk show on the Harambee Radio and TV network. www.Harambeeradio.com 

Dr. Ali-Sabree has been a wholistic health and wellness educator/ spiritual counsellor for over 43 years.  She revels in her capacities as sister, daughter, auntie, wife, mother, grandmother, CEO, and mentor. The many titles she is also known by include intuitive writer, author, publisher, professional registered nurse, certified clinical wholistic hypnocounsellor, certified cultural childbirth educator, stress management trainer, imagination and consciousness counsellor,  certified network marketing trainer, organizational strategist, Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapist, radio talk show host, and urban generalist. 

Dr. Ali.Sabree is an ordained minister with a master’s degree in human services/counselling, a doctorate in divinity, and presently a PhD candidate. She is also serves as secretary minister of the Ummah of Sovereign Sole and contributing member of African Genesis Media Group, International Center for Traditional Childbearing and the International Society of Indigenous Sovereigns.  MaMa Akosua is known for her passionate calls for preserving liberty, reclaiming our ancient indigenous heritage, and the calming and powerful way she uses everyday conversation to provide spiritual and transformational counselling.  In addition to writing a provocative blog, editing newsletters for local businesses, and being a regular columnist for the Black ST*R magazine, she is the co-founder of Ujima Press Real Communication www.UjimaPressRC.com 

Since self-publishing We Surrender: A Collection of Inspirational Poems and Lyrical Verse in 2003,  
Akosusa Ali-Sabree has travelled around the country performing spoken word with her co-author / daughter Sakinah Ali-Sabree. She then not only penned three other inspiring and educational books:   
Hair Piecez: The Anthology 
Wholistic Guide to Health and Wellness: How to Achieve Peace, Joy, and a Simple Life
Emancipating Your Spirit: A Conscious Guidebook: Affirmations, Meditation, Liberty & Other Soulful Reflections.
she also has helped other authors to successfully fine tune and publish their works.

MaMa Akosua is available for consultations, book discussions, facilitating workshops, speaking engagements, networking, and program development
Contact her office at 267-217-3074  or email:  info@bewellrelax.com
www.emancipatingyourspirit.com (blog)

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